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    Divorce can be very challenging and overwhelming process.

    It is a major life altering event where you can experience painful emotions and loss of direction.


    What if you took it as an opportunity to reinvent yourself and to get back to who you truly are?


    I am dedicated to guiding you through the challenges of a divorce with ease and grace.


    Do you need clarity in order to empower your decisions with peace of mind?


    Do you want to overcome all negative emotions so you can feel good again?


    How would things be different if you could live the life you've always wanted

    with passion and intention?


    You will establish effective communication with your ex partner and significant others in your life.


    You will expand your skills and mindset to boost your confidence, and happiness.


    Are you ready for an exciting journey of self discovery?

  • Divorce Coaching



    Do you want to overcome your divorce with clarity, power and peace of mind?

    You are clearly come to the right place!




    Transform your life one conversation at a time in a safe space with 100% confidentiality.


    Coaching provides a place of safety, in which to explore ways to reflect and improve on your choices and decisions in a non-threatening environment.

    It ensures that as you define and work towards goals there is someone who will work with you in three ways:

    • To allow reflection and insight  as to the choices you are making, and their potential impact
    • To face difficult issues – where a deeper understanding of the situation may be necessary
    • To help the process of change – identifying alternative choices and understanding the steps to precipitate change



    How it works ?



    We will start our relationship coaching based on your situation, and needs.


    We will clearly set up aspirations, intentions and goals for a period of time.


    As a client, you will be in charge, deciding the focus of each coaching session.

    During our time together you develop clarity, identify the obstacles that are keeping you from moving forward and finally develop new awareness and create action plans to attain your goals.


    One conversation at a time, you will become aware of your resistance and begin to embrace your circumstances so that you can move through them and be open to the possibilities that lie on the other side.


    I will help you to go through your life changing journey, providing you support by using tools

    and processes for you to gain confidence, clarity and take the right next steps.


    I will empower you to work on the most important relationship of your life:

    The one you have with Yourself.

    This, in turn, will have an incredibly positive impact on your life and all of your relationships.


    I will additionally show you different ways to find joy and peace of mind.



    Package A: Boost your Confidence and Clarity

    3 month program: 12 sessions ( 1 hour) one on one, skype or phone.

    One session per week.



    Package B: Sparkle your life

    6 month program: 24 sessions.

    One session per week



    Package C: Be Unstoppable

    12 month program: 36 sessions.

    3 sessions per month


    Group coaching





    Will I be the right coach for you?


    I believe the best way to find out is to spend 30 minutes together by Skype or face to face so that I can understand your coaching goals. During this initial consultation, you will witness first hand process that we will go through together. This is offered at no charge for the first call, and with no commitment – so if you feel ready, take the first step and set a time in your agenda

    and message me.





    I am not a psychiatrist or a psychologist. I am not a counselor.

    I will never judge you or tell you what to do.

    You always stay in total control and responsible for your life.


  • Group Coaching

    A safe place where people understand what you are going through. A focus group where you can share experiences and have support from a community.

    Are you ready to experience a new way of being, releasing emotional blockages and resistance.

    Be inspired for breakthroughs and transformation.

    Live in Vancouver ( Kitsilano or Downtown area) or Online.

  • Testimonial from Happy clients 

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    Monika Verma: Eric is such a wonderful person and an excellent coach. I really thank him for all the guidance and encouragement. Thanks for making a difference in others life, dear Eric. Keep shining.

    Maria LaRiccia: I don't usually write reviews but I feel the need to express my gratitude for Eric. I asked for guidance and he was so accurate and right about my situation. He provided guided advice and most of all helped me to feel a sense of peace in myself that I haven't felt. I am a different person today because of him.

    He is truly a wonderful and caring soul. Thank you Eric!

    Sophie Boussaguet: My coaching with Eric was absolutely great ! He guided me through my break up and give me new perspectives to understand myself and my relationships. He  is a loving and caring person that makes you feel safe at any moment.. I learned so much about myself, and gain a great sense of confidence !

    Thank you for being part of my journey.

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